Chicago-area rabbits seized: update

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I had password-protected this post because court appeals were pending and I didn’t want pictures/info available to the breeder.  The online breeding community already thinks we’re in this to make money, so I know they’re crazy!

The 180+ rabbits seized in Watseka, IL, have been awarded to the custody of South Suburban Humane Society, where they’ve been since the end of February.  Apparently the breeder has appealed the court’s decision, and this process may take 90 days.  A lot of volunteers have been putting in hard work caring for these rabbits, and if the appeal does not change the outcome of the case, more hard work will be needed to spay/neuter all the rabbits and adopt them into forever families.

Here are some shots from one of Indiana HRS’ days spent cleaning, feeding, medicating, and grooming the rabbits.



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