My life expectancy: 83

This is a little more informed than most of the quizzes I have put on here.  Want to calculate your life expectancy?  If you are under 50, go to  If 50 or over, go to  I was hoping for a better “score,” what with my super-fabulous cholesterol results I received last week.  Oh well.  If I do retire at 52, at least I’ll get thirty years to screw around after that.

Let me know how old you’ll be in the comments area!

5 thoughts on “My life expectancy: 83

  1. Ohhhhh snap, I’m living for 85 years!

    Since I am 3 years younger than you, I will be alive for 5 years after you’ve kicked it. I plan to spend those years having kegger parties in the home of my dearly departed sister, cooking all your bunnies for Easter (like Grandma Deitchley), and dancing on your grave.

    That and I’ll probably “stick it to the man” as much as possible.

  2. I don’t see how you could live longer since we have the same family history and women live longer! I guess you got that marriage boost–so it’s all due to Andrea!

    I challenge you to a cholesterol test for comparison!

  3. Surprisingly enough, I got a result of 82 years. Probably the big saving grace was that I don’t smoke and that I have been regularly exercsing, plus cutting salt out has helped my bood pressure.

  4. I’m not sue why I got more years than you. I checked that I didn’t know my cholesterol and blood pressure and stuff. But I bet my cholesterol and blood pressure are pretty good. I eat relatively healthy and have been pretty good about working out. That and I am much more awesomer than you. Why you ask? Because I can make up words like awesomer.

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