11 provisional teeth

Yesterday’s dental opportunity (about the eighth one this year) resulted in 11 “new” teeth all at once.  Most of them were on pre-prepped temporary crowns, which were getting pretty annoying anyway, and the last couple were new crown preps.  Now I am trying to relearn to chew and talk since my bite has been opened quite a bit and frankly everything doesn’t seem to fit right.  The appointment was somewhat painful (I respond slowly to anesthetic injections and usually need additional injections as well, plus those shaved teeth without the crowns are REALLY sensitive to touch, temperature, and air flow), and now I’m just sore from all the manipulation and because I apparently bit my tongue yesterday.

In a week I get these adjusted, and two weeks after that I get a whole bunch more provisional teeth put on.  Then sometime after that we’ll install the “real” crowns which will hopefully be permanent and be the end of this project for the year.  It also will be a chance to finally bill the insurance for all of this and I hope I will finally be reimbursed for all the funds coming out of my paycheck!

Time to go find something I can eat.

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