Greta passed away last night.  I noticed that she’d slowed down a lot in the last few days.  She was “top pig” but Josie was able to chew on her fur this week without her complaining much nor chasing her out of the Pigloo, so she obviously wasn’t feeling well.  When I got home last night she was having strange seizures, swinging her head, and while it was different than I’d seen before, I assumed it was death throes.


I cuddled her for about an hour.  She was actually doing her happy little squeak for awhile and wasn’t crying, so I think she was comfortable.  I guess that’s the best way to go–in someone’s arms.

I adopted Greta from the Humane Society in 2003.  That made her about six years old now, so that’s pretty good for a piggy.  I adopted her because she was beautiful and reminded me of my special Annie, another long haired pig.  I think that’s the only “impulse adoption” I’ve ever done (I was volunteering at the shelter at the time and just had to have her).  I think this was a good match, because she’s the only pig who has ever bitten me repeatedly.  I’m glad a little kid didn’t take her home!  She was a real crank, but I didn’t care.

Greta didn’t want to be friends with Cappy, but then I adopted Josie, and suddenly the threesome worked great.  Greta also became a much nicer pig!  She was in charge but still got along very well with her friends (and stopped biting people too).  I’m glad she had a long life with pals and didn’t suffer in the end.


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