Spatulate, spatulate, dance to the music

(The title will make sense to my dad somehow)

My teeth keep falling out. They are temporary teeth, but I’ve lost a set of two of them twice in the past two weeks. I was having lunch in the cafeteria at work and ended up with my little stubs showing:
I used the handy two-part cement the dentist gave me, a couple of disposable items from the lab to “spatulate” (it was in the instructions!), and my boss’ mirror to put my teeth back in at my desk. One of my coworkers was very impressed at my 10-minute dentistry.

At least the other nine temporary teeth are staying in.

Saw this one the other day when David and I took Casper for a walk in Irvington:

David and I are looking at this house. Mom said she wanted to see it, so I took a picture tonight, but it was obviously getting dark.
univ-a.jpg univ-b.jpg

3 thoughts on “Spatulate, spatulate, dance to the music

  1. That house looks a little like the Amityville Horror house. You better check to see if there have been 97 ritual killings there before you buy. 96 ritual killings is cool. But, 97, that’s plain crazy.

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