End of May

My poor brother slid into second base and broke his leg in three places, needed surgery, and is laid up on all sorts of narcotics while he heals. I guess he has had much better Memorial holidays. He missed out on Buddy playing chess at the annual family picnic:


My dog can move! She was running to see me. 🙂
casper-run-053107a.jpg casper-run-053107b.jpg

Tonight David met a puppy who had been a stray in a rough part of town. He doesn’t have a name yet but if he keeps being this cute he’ll have a permanent home soon.

Missing Brownsburg kitty

From a friend:
“Pixel” Dehn
Spayed Female
Approximately 1 year old
Came up missing 5-4-07 in Brownsburg near 267 at Brownsburg/Avon line
Contact Sarah & Gabe Dehn at 317-809-2153

Oh, god Guys I am ABSOLUTELY SICK! Pixel, my white cat, snuck out of the house the night before last while I was taking stuff out to the shed. The neighbors saw her in the woods near our house but search has found nothing. I’ve attached a picture. If anyone hears of anthing PLEASE let me know.

She is microchipped and is completely white with yellow eyes. She is
approximately 1 year old. Came up missing the evening of 5-4-07.

Rainn’s passing

I only met Rainn once (in blue shirt in the picture), when we helped the Watseka rabbits earlier this year, but she has been part of our rescue for years. She died a few days ago in a car accident. We are looking for help placing some of her 30 rabbits. Rainn was both a domestic animal rescuer and a wildlife rehabber, as well as an environmental advocate and biology professor. Please keep her family in your thoughts.

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel article