Dental opportunities

More dentistry. Now I’m back to the painful appointments. Yesterday they drilled my teeth and jammed stuff in my gums for almost five hours. My gums feel like they were filled with chemical clay and left to dry out. Oh wait, they were…

It’s not really that terrible, and nothing has been as bad as the crown lengthening surgery, but the throbbing after yesterday’s appointment feels similar to the healing process after the surgery. David can attest to my crankiness yesterday from the pain and then how much nicer I was once the next dose of ibuprofen kicked in.

I should start receiving the final teeth in about a month.

2 thoughts on “Dental opportunities

  1. I know the feeling, except the throbbing is in my lousy leg. I’m so sick of this pain and it’s been a freakin’ month since I hurt it. I can’t imagine all the teeth stuff you are doing continuously for months and months at a time.

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