Famous again

I’m in the paper again, and for the usual topic. The writer misquoted me a bit but it’s not too bad.
They even published my picture, but they took close ups of the bunny that would have been better.

4 thoughts on “Famous again

  1. I thought it was a bit slly that the quote they used from you was”they jump all over” instead of something about adoption. It kind of reminded me of when I was in the paper my junior year in high school for being in “Grease”. They interviewed me for a while and I said some normal and relatively intelligent things. But the quote they decided to use made me sound like a 3 year old. “I get to slide down the front of the car and dance with hubcaps. It’s awesome!” Great… I’m a complete doofus.

  2. Before I even saw the comments, I was going to say that the “jump all over” part doesn’t sounds realistic or Amy-like. That was my guess for the misquote.

    Congratulations on all the media hype, introvert! 🙂

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