Felix and Reggie

Felix and his pal Honey were my first foster bunnies several years ago, and recently were in another foster home. Felix passed away unexpectedly last week. Poor Honey is ten and lonely!


Then this weekend, Reggie, who oddly looked just like Felix, died too. I found him unwilling to eat early on Saturday. He has had a long-term respiratory infection which finally got the best of him after more vet intervention over the weekend. I feel very guilty about not doing more for him sooner, and yet we didn’t really know what to do after inconclusive tests several months ago. I’m angry that his former owners, who got him at a pet store and then “couldn’t care for him anymore,” dumped him at the shelter, saying that he had bitten once after “falling in cold water.” Well, this rabbit had a nasty respiratory infection and was also very cranky, and I don’t blame him. Why was a rabbit in cold water in December? What is wrong with people?

Reggie holds the distinction of being the only rabbit to have bitten my dog. He mellowed over time and we came to an understanding. He really enjoyed playtime and was very excited at feeding time, even allowing me to pet and groom him while he dined. He was only a year and a half old when he died, and that’s just a shame. I miss how he always ran to greet me, hoping for a snack.

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