The only rabbit David liked

Grace had a sheet over her cage and her name on the euthanasia list at the local shelter a few years ago when they called us to rescue her. We did, and she proved to be one of the most unique rabbits in foster care. Grace would let herself in and out of her crate, which sat high on a shelf, and then jump on top of it and all the other foster crates, tormenting the rabbits below. She would clear a 36″ fence repeatedly to come find someone to pet her. She was known to lunge at hands and bite when she got there, but those who spoke her language never had a problem. If you walked anywhere, she’d run between your legs and jump on your feet to be with you. We called her “crackhead” most of the time. Grace just wanted to be petted all day and have lots of room to do her big 10-pound-lop binkies.

Grace finally went to her forever home recently. I’m so happy for her! She’s very special and I’m glad to see she’s taking over someone else’s house now. 🙂




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