I love him, but…

I could tell my toothbrush looked a little more “used” than the last time I’d used it at David’s house. Apparently his needed to be tossed for some reason so he started using mine. Honestly, that’s not as bad as knowing that it sometimes falls on the floor and he washes it and puts it back… in my world, the toothbrush gets trashed at that point. Yet, I still used it. Blecccchhhhh

Yesterday Dawn and I and were wrangling strays again. We received email from someone on the west side who saw a domestic rabbit hopping in her yard. We found two released rabbits hanging out under someone’s car down the street, one of whom had tatters of fur and skin hanging off his chest from where he’d been attacked by something and the skin was torn away. The neighbor came out to get his paper and watched us catch the rabbits, which involved a lot of portable fences, chasing them through yards, crawling on the ground, and herding them with brooms (which we borrowed from the neighbor, who was quite amused at this process). In the end, we caught both mini-rexes, and we hope the vet can patch up the injured one! No comment on the assholes who let them go free.

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