Lots of collies

I helped transport collies to rescue this weekend. Over sixty dogs were abandoned by a breeder. The kennel staff still came, but were no longer paid, so they contacted another breeder who arranged to get them into rescue. Many of the dogs had not been groomed in a very long time, had dental issues, worms, and the like. But they were relatively happy dogs who seemed to put up with all the drivers, cars, and miles pretty well!

collieres0607a.jpg collieres0607b.jpg collieres0607c.jpg collieres0607d.jpg

Meanwhile, rowing has trashed my hands. Dad came down to help paint at David’s, and I found it hard to hold the brush before I lanced the worst ones. At least the house looks good!


1 thought on “Lots of collies

  1. Why did I look at an enlarged picture of the blisters?! Why?!!!

    Okay, fine, I’ll take a picture of my incisions and send them to you. Actually, that would be all that bad because they are both looking pretty go after the doctor cleaned them up today.

    By the way, turns out another 6 weeks on crutches (no weight on my leg whatsoever). That makes 3 months crippled, total. All summer! And when this 6 weeks is up I wanted be walking yet anyway. I’ll be on a cane or one crutch hobbling around. Dammit!

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