One bag at a time

I finally started using a canvas bag when I go shopping. I had some here and there, but then I found one for a dollar at a Farmers Market in South Bend that was roomy and easy to carry and fold. It turns out they have a neat website: see what a difference you can make just one bag at a time!


Sometimes the folks at Meijer think I’m odd, but mostly they don’t mind that they don’t have to do the bagging. Meanwhile stores like Trader Joe’s and Wild Oats will enter you for a gift certificate drawing, take money off your order, or donate to charity when you reuse a bag.

8 thoughts on “One bag at a time

  1. Hooray! Now I’m not the only person who annoys cashiers! My favorite is going to a store, buying something small, and saying I don’t need a bag…then they throw the bag they had into the trash. *groan*

    I think that the stats on the 1bagatatime page are a little skewed. I looked at the bag comparison chart and it says canvas bags are only good for 52 trips, or one year. I’ve been using my canvas bags for 7 years now, for everything from groceries to clothing purchases, and they are still going strong.

    Now, if only there were as easy a solution for πŸ™‚

  2. Ok, so they say canvas lasts a year and PP two years. But do you really haul ten plastic bags’ worth of groceries in your canvas bag each week? I just don’t buy that much (not sure if it’s my attempt to be less consumerish or just that I don’t have a large family). Agreed, though, that canvas bags seem to last indefinitely.

    Their source is an Australian gov’t study, so maybe some of the assumptions should be taken up with them?

  3. Just in case you haven’t heard by now – Meijer sells reusable bags now for 99 cents…they’re blue and really cool looking – and very sturdy and large. I can fill a cart and use about 5 bags and it holds very well.

    Just a heads up!

  4. Yeah, I saw something like that at Kroger the other day! I hope the tide is changing… even just a little. One time the clerk at Meijer gave me a discount for bringing my own bag, so I think they are supposed to, but most stores don’t seem to know it yet. That’s the only way to drive participation with most ppl: incentives! (Works for me!)

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