The Lucky/Tall/Parrot Wedding

My cousin Kristen was married on Saturday. Key items: her husband makes his own diesel for his Jetta TDI from waste vegetable oil, their parrot was in the ceremony, and the location was an Irish inn on 07.07.07. Let’s hope they win some cash in Reno! They are also certainly the tallest bride and groom I’ll ever see. I also dig the old guy’s six-kinds-of-seafoam-green suit.

dadbeer070707.jpg kristenscott070707.jpg leprechaunwedding070707.jpg

4 thoughts on “The Lucky/Tall/Parrot Wedding

  1. Yeah, and did you see the old guy dancing? We was bouncing up and down and shaking his groove thang when the music kicked in. Dad pointed at him and loudly, proclaimed, “Hey look at that old guy move!”

    Of course the old guy was about 8 feet away when Dad said that. But he probably couldn’t heer him anyway.

  2. I didn’t get a picture of the parrot at the ceremony… but he was there! The groom carried him down the aisle and then he had a perch area up by the minister.

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