Thoughts during recuperation

I’m struggling with a sinus infection right now and have been in bed all day, thus getting too much sleep, but feeling too yucky to do anything.

My parents finally have DSL–I’m so proud of them! 🙂 Here you go Dad, a nice link to a video on college Republicans: I took away that 1) Tom Delay really is a giant ass and 2) Mr. “And stuff like that” doesn’t need to worry about becoming a really good speaker someday.

Yesterday we had a family dinner at an Americanized Mexican restaurant. I was happy to see a lot of dishes labeled vegetarian, but somehow there was a giant piece of chicken in the middle of my burrito. The manager was very apologetic and comped the food and gave free desserts, and I didn’t eat the chicken, so I guess all is well. There is some suspicion of a cook trying to be funny in a not very nice way…

My illness has caused some big sneezes, which make my temporary veneers pop out of place each time. It’s rather disturbing to feel my teeth moving! At least they pop back in easily.

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