I’ve been going through my belongings to downsize and organize. In my stash of memory stuff, I found these things.


I used my library card all the time as a kid and really felt important to have it. The patch was my winning design for a regional Girl Scouts/Brownies event when I was around eight. The owl was the keychain that came with my first car, a ten year old 1986 LeBaron GTS, which was gold inside and out and had a voice chip like Kit only not as cool (not that I had been allowed to watch the show!). The back of the keychain is worn but seems to say “Owl Be Seeing You” and is some kind of news thing in Berrien Springs, Michigan. The white part of the owl even glowed in the dark.

And the clay thing is Roadkill Rabbit. I think Barb made it or at least gave it to me in high school. Note the tire tracks. A couple of his limbs have broken over the years but I always really liked this guy, and it definitely predates my current rabbit affiliations!

Also, a page from a Kurt Vonnegut novel. I took a class on his works in high school and found this really meaningful at the time. Actually, I still do. I copied this from my book, colored it, and hung it on my dorm room door for a long time.


5 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by today and leaving such a great comment, and thanks for the congrats on my weigh-in! Support of blog buddies is priceless…and I really appreciate it!

    Your keepsakes are really cool, by the way! 🙂

  2. How I adored Vonnegut, especially his earlier works. I never knew it was okay to be so informal in print, hell, so downright flippant, until I read him. I always liked his intro’s and his drawings best of all. And of his drawings, the one I liked best was of an asshole. Literally. An asshole.


  3. That lousy 70’s Gold car of yours drove (get it?) me crazy. I can’t remember why I had it, but I was driving it for a time and it kept saying, “The door is ajar.” I’d yell, “No it isn’t!” Then it would respond with “your oil is low.” “Dammit, no it isn’t!” Stupid car and it’s stupid back-sass.

  4. The oil comment always happened when you had accessory power on but not the ignition. Exact words in the low computerized voice (like the old Weather Channel local forecast voice): Engine oil pressure is low. Prompt service is required. Then when you turned the key, it would say, All monitored systems are functioning. It was like you were in a spaceship!

    Bryce used to mess around with the fancy-schmancy trip computer which barely worked. Later I’d be driving along and it would display Trip Completed but I had no idea what he’d programmed for the trip!

    I always wanted to program something useful for the voice, like Out the way, bitch!

  5. Boxes of these kinds of things are so hard to handle. The stuff inside is totally worthless, but there is some really wonderful feeling about opening the time capsule every few years and remembering when that junk was so very important.

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