New teeth! Part I

I had my first six permanent teeth installed today. Now I have a lisp I didn’t have when I woke up this morning, but at least the project is nearing completion. The lisp isn’t as bad as the one I gained when I had my bite opened, and I still overcame that. I sure hope I don’t need speech therapy later! There was one appointment where I had to count in the sixties while the dentist watched my mouth to assess the way everything worked together. I am still waiting to see an updated bill… In three weeks I get more teeth installed.

2 thoughts on “New teeth! Part I

  1. I also need a lot of dental work done. I have had TMJD for over 20 years. I have also been told I have a bad bite. Wish I had taken care of it then. Now that I’ve just turned 41 I am seriously considering it even though I know the cost will be astronomical. I have some insecurities as a result of my teeth and I am terrified of the pain that will come with the lengthy process. Every dentist I have seen over the years have recommended I have the work done. They’ve all said the same thing, you’re a young woman and you should do it. Reading about your experience is bringing me a step closer to getting my teeth fixed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can’t imagine doing it w/o insurance and flexible benefits (tax free on money set aside, IRS max/year is $5K), but I’m glad I’m doing it. As described to me by multiple dentists, dentures are not an option at my age (or are a terrible option at least). Overall I’m happy with the work. I’m actually very happy with the work; it’s the money that tempers the happiness! Get estimates/opinions from multiple dentists and see what makes the most sense to you. If you are in the Indy area, I’d be happy to give you a dentist recommendation.

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