One year steak-free

One whole year of no meat at all. Just yesterday I was craving cheeseburgers, but I’ve managed to resist every craving. Other than missing certain foods, I’m really glad to be doing this. It emphasizes a life of peace for me, and that’s hard to come by in other ways some days. Even work has made me very cranky lately.

In 366.63 days, you have saved:
0.1379 cows
30.281 chickens
0.3364 pigs
1.0093 turkeys
0.0807 ducks
57.198 fish

Total: 89.045 animals

This comes from a veg*n calculator, and is discussed a bit here.

4 thoughts on “One year steak-free

  1. Ah, the mysterious FVKJ! Secretly tracking our every move… I guess I’d rather be up to my #ss in animals than carcasses.

    Thanks for lurking!

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