Petsmart Petition

Petsmart is test marketing the sale of bunnies in 40 stores to determine if they will sell them elsewhere as well. This contradicts their previous commitment:

“We try to stay on the side of angels with all animals. We do not sell certain animals for specific reasons.” The article then goes on to note that “Rabbits are also taboo. Six weeks before the Easter holiday bunnies become popular pet purchases, but 10 days later the majority of them wind up in shelters. For this reason, PETsMART will not sell rabbits, but it will carry rabbit food and supplies.”

Best Friends Animal Society has sponsored a petition asking Petsmart to reconsider selling rabbits. More than 25,000 people have signed. Please help us prevent further pet mills: rabbits in pet stores come from breeders just like milled puppies and kittens. Sign the petition here. You do not need to register: just enter your name, email, and city.

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