Scary monkey toy

Matt and I were afraid of the screeching cymbal-playing monkey toy Gramma kept in the den closet. Matt, do you still have him?


A very similar product in action, only not as creepy:

A post on someone’s blog about a creepy toy reminded me of this thing. The closet was semi-magical, though, because it was lined in cedar and smelled so interesting to me. It’s also where Gramma kept our Easter candy.

6 thoughts on “Scary monkey toy

  1. Oooo, in high school one of my best friends had the scariest, creepy clown doll that used to freak us out. We’d shriek and giggle like little girls! 🙂

  2. Yes, I still have that thing and it gives me the creeps everytime I see it. It’s up in my attic and that’s probably why I never go up there. That was just about the most terrifying thing ever and it traumatized me as a kid. That’s probably why grandma always had our chocolate bunnies in that cedar closet, because she knew I would never go in there to get it!

  3. Maybe that’s why David installed a light in his closet that automatically goes off when the door is closed.

    Matt and I had certainly been afraid of the monkey before we saw that movie.

  4. What are with Grandmas??? Mine had the SAME one in the basement… it sat on the piano. When I was little it always madew me cry… how funny.

  5. At least you didn’t live with that hideuos thing (cymbal monkey). my parents brought one home just to see me cry and run away from it. Who ever thought that this would be endearing to small children?

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