The zipper

Casper is home and feeling fine after a day at the vet, but I’m a wreck. Right now it’s just observation and rush her in for surgery if things go poorly, but both vets felt that she should probably pass the fabric and zipper. I’m still a mess!


The zipper parts are in the stomach on the left side of the radiograph. They said everything else is normal right now and she’s acting like nothing’s wrong. I hope it stays that way!

5 thoughts on “The zipper

  1. She’s ok so far! I have to follow her around when she poops and I haven’t seen foreign objects for a couple of days, but maybe I missed the zipper. I think it’s still in there, considering it once took six weeks for an elastic band to come out…

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for the comment that you left on my blog! I really appreciate your input on the matter. Reading everybody’s opinions really helped me to feel better. And some of them… like yours… even made me chuckle. lol Thanks. 🙂

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