Things Walt has eaten

Walt likes to destroy things. Here he’s wrestling with the ugly red star toy, trying to remove the eyes. Note all the other toys around him. He’ll even run downstairs and bring back more.


He managed to break the second eye and then pull the stuffing out from behind it.


The casualties:
platypus toy
multiple squirrel toys
squeaky steak toy
a Teva sandal
duck toy’s head
phone cord
North Face shorts zipper
hard drive
repaired phone cord
power adapter
pink feather duster
donut toy (toy downstairs but stuffing found upstairs)
Swiffer dusters
red star toy
a lot of Casper’s fur
EDIT to add:
hammer toy
my lawn mowing shoes
slipper insoles
dice toy
Batman Begins Netflix DVD


4 thoughts on “Things Walt has eaten

  1. I’m just delurking to say that Walt has the longest tail I’ve ever seen! Is he part wallaby?

    PS – he’s really cute, and reminds me of Angus with his garbage-gut tendencies. Welcome, Walt!

  2. Maybe I have four readers! 🙂

    He smells better than a wallaby, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s just the photo perspective…his tail doesn’t seem that long to me IRL. He does chase it and chew on it, though!

  3. He was a stray, so who knows! We think he’s largely German Shepherd based on coloring and general size but he has a purple tongue and is still rather skinny, though he’s only seven months old so maybe he’ll fill out.

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