Three Sisters and doggies

David and I went to Three Sisters Cafe this weekend. Nicole reported so-so food recently, but ours was very good. In fact, my tofu scramble with pesto, tomato, spinach, basil, and feta was excellent! Their blender broke, though, so we didn’t get to have the mango shake after all. Prices were cheap there and we had a coupon for a free meal, so all around it was a great lunch.

We took the dogs to the park yesterday. Walt is starting to get the hang of playing with strange dogs. Here Casper, Walt, and their new pal Maxwell were saying hi at our bench.


2 thoughts on “Three Sisters and doggies

  1. I think David had the spinach melt. It was good, but not as good as my scramble!

    I think I found your blog through someone linked from Indy Bloggers, but who knows.

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