Attention Jeff Sullivan


Will you go with me now?

This note must be twenty years old, found while I was going through old boxes. I find it hard to believe I would have written him a note (wouldn’t I have received the note back with the appropriate box checked?), so my friends probably asked for me. I don’t remember Jeff or wanting to go with him! Jeff, you’ve been recycled. Comment on my blog if you want to go with me now.

4 thoughts on “Attention Jeff Sullivan

  1. You can see through to the other side that Mr. Sullivan wrote “To: Amy” with a heart in the place of the “O”. I think that’s totally leading you on. I can just picture little Amy in pigtails opening the note with joy, thinking the heart on the “To: Amy” is foreshadowing of great things to come. But alas, heartbreak! What a cad, that Jeff Sullivan is. Next time I see him cruising the strip I’ll give him a good thrashing.

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