Dumb Hoosiers

This morning a commercial came on during the news that featured the governor in an Indiana classroom pitching college savings plans for Hoosier families. The plans include big credits on state taxes and then the bottom of the TV screen said “No taxes on withdrawls.” COME ON. A commercial about kids in school saving for state colleges and it has a big fat misspelling in it? I checked the website, which says no taxes on “withdraws,” which at least is not technically wrong, but still isn’t the best word. It’s withdrawal, folks.

David called last night to announce his adolescent dog may be vegetarian. Apparently he offered Walt a piece of chicken from his Outback leftovers. Walt sniffed it, licked it, and then took it and trotted off to another part of the house. David assumed he was enjoying his treasure in a special spot, not that unusual. Several minutes later, though, Walt came back with the chunk of chicken and put it on David’s lap!! That’s one weird dog.

Work is kicking my butt this week. My own lab and regular workload is reasonable, perhaps even light. But I’m covering for someone on vacation and my boss has been out of the office, precluding her from helping. The workload has been ridiculous. After four hours of sleep (and not in a row) since I was awakened twice the other night for work reasons, yesterday I forgot where I had parked and ended up a half mile from my car in the wrong lot when I left work. I also forgot I needed fuel and had to squeeze that in (diesel availability is not so great near work) on the way to an early rowing appointment. Rowing sucked, probably because I was so tired; we had a crummy timed piece. We have three races in October, including one in Philly, so we need to do better.

I’m looking forward to more sleep this weekend and working from home to catch up. Well, I’m not looking forward to working from home, but it will be nice not to take my laptop home every night next week (fat chance). My coworker will be back and I hope to take a couple of days off. Plus I’m supposed to get new teeth on Tuesday!

Oh, and I just realized I bought oatmeal at the cafeteria on the way in this morning. I’ve been here over an hour and forgot I had it! It’s a nice big glob now.

2 thoughts on “Dumb Hoosiers

  1. “withdrawls”?? What a mortification!

    It’s sweet that Walt won’t eat a fellow critter. Let’s hope he doesn’t go as far as staging a Meat is Murder protest! 😉

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