Attention Jeff Sullivan


Will you go with me now?

This note must be twenty years old, found while I was going through old boxes. I find it hard to believe I would have written him a note (wouldn’t I have received the note back with the appropriate box checked?), so my friends probably asked for me. I don’t remember Jeff or wanting to go with him! Jeff, you’ve been recycled. Comment on my blog if you want to go with me now.

Giant bunnies

Thanks, everyone, for your concern about Casper. I’ve been following her around the yard every time she poops and haven’t seen zipper parts yet, though there was a lot of cargo short material for a couple of days! I’m still watching her closely but so far I think she’s “processing” everything herself. I wonder if Nicole‘s idea to use a metal detector in the yard would work on her belly?

I took a picture of Dawn’s two Flemish Giants relaxing the other day. They are the biggest, sweetest rabbits ever. I too have a special fondness for Flemmies but do not have any right now, so I really love visiting Amelia and Nathaniel. Together they’re about thirty pounds of bunny love.