Return to the shelter

Volunteers have helped at the shelter this week as their schedules allowed, with weekends having the larger crews. It seems to take about twenty hours of labor per day to get all the cages properly cleaned and all the rabbits fed and medicated.

This Flemish Giant has ear mites and sore hocks among other illnesses. The volunteers have moved her to a cage with soft towels on a solid floor since the wire cage floors ate her feet in the first place. She had a chance to stretch her legs today (the cages aren’t tall enough for Flemmies to stand) and seemed to like the fresh air and attention.
lville0916b.jpg lville0916c.jpg lville0916d.jpg

Several other Flemmies enjoyed the exercise too.
lville0916f.jpg lville0916h.jpg

The Angora had a haircut to remove mats.

This baby bunny is on death’s door. Fortunately a bunny-savvy vet came by to check on the rabbits today and was able to take him home for supportive care.

And as always, lots of cages to clean.

4 thoughts on “Return to the shelter

  1. Sure, Nicole, as soon as I’m done cleaning my house! If I count dust bunnies, I’m in trouble…

    Mymsie: Flemmies are my favorite! I moved an adolescent one to a bigger cage and he just binkied all over the place, elated with his new digs.

  2. It’s so wonderful to see that Flemmie out and playing. My husband and I went down with Dawn the first Saturday and that particular Flemmie looked as if it were near death. It couldn’t sit, lay in particular directions.. it’s feet were just horrible. Nicely done, Amy!

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