David and I had a yummy sushi dinner at Sakura last night with Stephen and Andrea and Don (who prefers to keep his web presence more obscure). No, I don’t eat fish now, but I did eat the actual raw fish before I became a vegetarian, so I hope I can still be considered a member of the sushi club. Last night I enjoyed edamame, seaweed salad, miso soup, and asparagus and vegetable rolls. The server was helpful in pointing out which rolls were veg-legal. Sakura is celebrating their 20th anniversary and handing out gift cards after meals this week, btw!

Best wishes to Don: we’re all pulling for you!

4 thoughts on “Sakura

  1. Hmm, sushi… I’ve been thinking about trying it. Oh wait, that wasn’t me. That was someone who likes a pile of poo on a plate.

    I tried it once and once only. And since I HAVE tried it, I can critique it.

    Sushi = craptacular


  2. Perhaps I’ll drag you along to eat the non-fish versions with me and change your mind!

    May I remind you that you did not like BEER the first time you tried it?

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