Still life with frog

I was cleaning the shed and found that an old computer monitor box was stuck to the wall and floor. When I pulled it out, half expecting a zillion little stinging bugs or other swarm, I found these bizarre fluffy-looking tubes, each a couple of inches long. Does anyone know what the heck came out of these?

Then in my planting beds overgrown with weeds, I happened upon a flower. I think the neighbors’ new bird feeders and their pooping visitors are the source of these random sunflowery “weeds” I’ve actually discovered in three places. They are pretty in a vase and for once my lazy yardwork paid off!

Tonight I moved my frog to David’s house. Mr. Frog’s been living with the same “feeder” goldfish for months, apparently ignoring him, and took the opportunity to snack on his roommate when I moved him to the transport Tupperware. Several years ago he did the same thing, only I didn’t know my several fish in the tank would suddenly be gone when I arrived at my new house! I’ve had Mr. Frog for over seven years; my vet says they live forever and you can’t kill them. (Not that I was trying to, but he is a curious creature!) He sang tonight after the water change, which stymied Walt the puppy.
The frog has no real name; now taking applications.

5 thoughts on “Still life with frog

  1. Your Dad said the “tubes” looked like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Don’t go to sleep!!

    He also said to name the frog….”Unh-Huh”. What? I asked… “You know…’Froggy went a-courtin’ and he did ride, Unh-huh.'”

    A very “Dad” response…Unh-huh!

  2. I throughly enjoyed Dad’s “froggy went a-courtin'” line. When I was a kid I always thought it was “froggy went a-cording” as in he was playing an accordian.

    Anyway, your frog already has a name. I named that thing about 5 years ago. It’s shoehorn, remember!

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