Tanning Man!

You have to say it with a deep-voiced superhero fanfare: Tanning Maaaaan!

This guy lives on the next street. Every sunny day he can be found sitting in his vinyl-laced lawn chair with the towel over the back, shirtless and in cutoffs, mullet blowing in the wind, downing a bottle of beer. Would you believe I caught him tipping it back?

Lately I’ve been trying to get his picture, but he was always up getting another beer in the garage fridge. His chair is always right on the edge of the lawn and his bare feet are in the driveway; he never changes position (is his back tan?). It seems like such an odd place to sit. Front porch, lawn, facing the street, anything would make more sense than staring at the charcoal grill (also always in that same spot). I was too chicken to get his picture from the front. Maybe Casper and I can sneak a better shot, but the summer is pretty much over.

Meanwhile, tonight I trained some new volunteers at a local pet store where some of our adoptable rabbits live. An escaped snake came zipping across the floor, so I retrieved him in a dustpan and took him back to the reptile area. He had come all the way across the huge store to arrive by the mice, quite a feat for a skinny foot-long guy. I took him to the manager who was afraid of snakes and wouldn’t help! Then, later, I was locked in the store after they closed. The closer apparently had his wisdom teeth out and was on lots of meds and didn’t know what was going on or that I was still there (obviously). I was able to call another store in the chain and they got him back to let me out so I didn’t have to set off the store alarm and have the police arrive.

2 thoughts on “Tanning Man!

  1. Sounds like Tanning Man is determined to get some sun! Wonder what he does in the winter? Someone should tell him about this stuff.

    Locked in a pet store is the stuff of Rick Moranis movies, complete with an escaped snake – eeks! 🙂

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