7 thoughts on “Tubby bunny?

  1. Perhaps Arliss was trying to keep everyone else off the scale, seems to fit with her mine, mine, mine personality 🙂 So what was Arliss % Body fat? I wonder what “normal” is for a bunny!

  2. I might even have brown rice! I could loan my crappy scale to you if you like, but perhaps it’s better to just come over periodically to check… it can get depressing on a daily basis! It’s amazing how much it fluctuates. Once in awhile it resets itself to a 5’0″ 18-y.o. and then the number is REALLY wacky.

  3. Yeah, she’s pissed at me because I took a suitcase and a box out of her closet, which she used to jump up on the shelves. Now she has to jump on a Rubbermaid tub.

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