David and I went to a hogroast (yes, I see the irony) on Saturday at his HVAC guy’s farmhouse. David made friends with a goat and we finally met Jim’s wife and daughter who have just moved here from China.
roast1.jpg roast2.jpg

Today we went hiking at Clifty Falls in southern Indiana. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid. We did find some rugged trails and put our hiking boots to work, especially when we got lost and went up the creekbed the wrong way. I didn’t think it would take me the ten seconds of my camera’s timer to get on that rock so one picture is, well, not what I intended. With a lot of zooming the picture includes David’s rear as he climbs, too. At least we have some action shots!
clifty2.jpg clifty3.jpg clifty1.jpg

It was a really nice day for a hike (sure beats yardwork!) and we’re glad we forced ourselves to go, even though we felt like having a lazy Sunday for awhile.

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  1. Sorry Rob and I missed the hike with you guys, but glad that I didn’t potentially pass on the nasty virus 😛 Hopefully we’ll have the change to hike or go canoeing before the weather turns colder!

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