Dayton regatta 2007

We raced in Dayton yesterday (results). Our quad (I’m on the far left) did ok, though it wasn’t our best performance. No one else was in our event, so we can only compare times to what we think we should have done or against other events’ times, and actually of the 11 quads racing yesterday, only one beat us. At one point someone in our men’s quad made a comment that they should finish faster than us, and when the results came back we beat them by almost thirty seconds, 8:13 vs 8:41! 🙂

Our eight (I’m on the far right) got third. We had a couple of less experienced people this year so just finishing without disaster was good for some folks. The record high temperature and bright sun left me burnt and exhausted. Based on fluid intake and lack of bathroom trips, I think I sweated at least 80 ounces. Sweat was just dripping off of us and sitting in the sun on the reflective water waiting for the event to start wasn’t helping. I had a lot of sleep last night but I am not all there yet today.

David and I picked fresh tomatoes, basil, and thyme in the yard by flashlight last night and he made a fabulous marinara sauce. I was falling asleep in my pasta but it sure was yummy!

5 thoughts on “Dayton regatta 2007

  1. I think starboard sweep (one big oar) is easiest, but that’s just because I did it so much in college. When I row port I really have to think about it! I’m getting better at it, though.

    I just learned sculling (two oars) in the last two years, so I’m not as comfortable with it yet. However, rowing a quad is usually guaranteed to be better than an eight or other sweep boat in recreational rowing, because the mix of abilities and lack of coaching can really make for a frustrating sweep experience, while a quad sets up nicely and is harder to mess up. Plus it’s easier to find four people to get together than eight plus a coxswain.

  2. Does David have a recipe for the tomato sauce? We have lots of fresh tomatoes we just picked and I don’t know what to do with them before they go bad. I want to make something like that but don’t have a recipe. Would he send me one, do you think?

  3. He just made it up, but I emailed him to see if he can send an approximation to you. It wasn’t that hard, but I’d probably forget something!

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