Doggie photo contest

Get out your cameras and your favorite doggie! ASPCA Photo Contest

I’ve always liked this one.

I spent another six grand at the dentist this week when they installed six top front teeth. That puts me at 12 of the 28 I need, and all of the front ones are done so my overall appearance won’t change much now. It will be a few weeks before the next set is made. The new teeth look good (we sent them back for tweaking) and feel good, too. I just had an eye exam, too. I’m thinking I’ll get new glasses and no one will recognize me! Especially if I comb my hair… But I don’t want to go too far.

Poor little Josie the guinea pig is at the vet with uterine cancer. She’s been bumped from her spay by emergencies, and now she’s reacting to the heavy pain killer they gave her pre-surgery-that-never-happened such that she probably can’t have surgery now. At least she wasn’t feeling ill when I took her in, but I don’t know how long she can wait nor how advanced the cancer is. I think at least 80% of my female piggies have had reproductive issues ranging from ovarian cysts to uterine and cervical cancer. Josie’s buddy Cappy (who had the same surgery last year) is at home all by herself hogging the food and Pigloos.

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