Electric dentistry

I figured I was in trouble when my dentist asked me yesterday if I had a pacemaker.

The outcome of such a question is that she ran an electric current from one of those nondescript electronics-looking boxes with dials (one actually said “cut” as the operation you’d get from the setting) through a probe to cut and cauterize my gums. The pacemaker question was because I had to lie on the grounding pad while said current was happily completing the circuit.

Fortunately (if you want to look at it that way) I had already received about eight anesthetic injections, including in the roof of my mouth (always fun), so I didn’t feel the cauterization. However, it smelled like she was cooking. It smelled exactly like the fake steak charring during a stir fry we made a couple of weeks ago!

I still say the crown lengthening was a lot worse, but this was an escalated version of prepping-for-impressions by retracting the gum tissue that sucked last time too. The extra special part is that it didn’t work right yesterday so we have to redo part of it next week, and I get to have it done to the rest of my teeth to be prepped. That’s at least 12 more chances, assuming they all work on the first try. In the meantime I have to swish warm salt water and take ibuprofen to further reduce the tissues. Oh, and the astringent chemicals used to shrink the tissues taste NAS-TAY. I’d rather smell the stir fry.

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