Halloween retrospective

It’s nice to know I’m a cool nerd! I’m sure my sci-fi knowledge is by association with nerdier folks. Thanks to Nicole for the quiz.

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I’m leaving today for Philly. Unfortunately it looks like there will be a lot of rain on Saturday during the race. I think I’d rather have snow! We’re excited nonetheless and I hope to hit a good (i.e. unique veg) restaurant while I’m out there too.

Meanwhile I’ve been suffering from some intestinal thing since Saturday and the insides of my cheeks are full of blisters from some more horrible dental impressions with the nasty chemical tissue retraction the other day, but I think I’m healing on both counts. Just slowly. I won’t let it get me down!

Before I go, the Halloween retrospective inspired by Mymsie:

My mom made our costumes (except for the previously displayed self-made sundae and my brother was once a self-made boom box), but since they were so much work, we were required to wear them for two years.

1984, including my accessories from going to Feast of the Hunters Moon with the Little Hoosiers Club (I still know the chanty honor code):

1986. Note that my guinea pig Frisky is also dressed as a bat. I think I was in tears trying to explain to my mom that I wanted six-foot-wide wings in my costume and she was coming up with floppy wings. A couple of dowel rods later, I won. The wings were quilted and very cool.

Skip ahead to 1993, my first year of college (I don’t have a lot of pictures at my house!). My roommate Jae was a baby and I was static cling. Obviously Mom did not make these.

And the grand finale! Yes, my mother made this for me in ninth grade at my request after scaling it up from a toddler pattern.

6 thoughts on “Halloween retrospective

  1. I dig my eyeliner drawn on handlebar mustache in the pirate costume. And by the way, that boombox I made was awesome! I spent hours upon hours coloring in a rectangle box which was about 4 feet by 2 feet. It took me like 3 crayons and 2 Sharpies to cover it in black. I remember I used the Sharpies first but mom yelled when I ran all the ink out on 2 of her “my good Sharpies!” You’d think I would have been bright enough to spray paint the thing, but not so much.

  2. My eye patch is up because at the ripe, old age of 5 I probably didn’t have the capacity to compensate for a handicapped depth perception. Besides, I had to be careful, that foil hook could put my other eye out. Then how would I plunder me booty, I ask you?

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