Quote city

Finally got pictures today of this gem on Mass Ave. To my delight there were additional signs on the building; can you see the tiny “not responsible” part?
quotebodyshop2.jpg quotebodyshop1.jpg

In that spirit, I want to share my new favorite sites, The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, and Apostrophe Abuse. Dad and Nicole, you have to visit them. And I’m so excited to have another outlet for all my “findings” in “Indianapolis.”

Hey Nicole: I think it was with the “cheeseball” that someone brought.

2 thoughts on “Quote city

  1. These are painful. “Cheese ball” painful.

    I just realized that you had already used “cheeseball” in the post! I didn’t even see it when I wrote this!

    Thanks for the laugh.

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