Restaurant rant

First I discovered that one of my absolutely favorite places to eat, Nothing But Noodles, is no more. (KNH, I guess it’s no longer Misnomered Noodles.) Noodles & Co. bought them and closed their restaurants or rebranded them to the new name and menu. Granted, I have not tried Noodles & Co. yet, and they do offer tofu and a lot of similar-sounding entrees, so maybe it’s good. But I loved Nothing But Noodles.

Then last night I drove all the way up to Fishers to meet David and then drove to the Carmel Claddagh, his favorite place for fish-n-chips, and my favorite place for the best veggie burger in town. Except they changed their menu and there’s no more veggie burger! I had a pesto pasta which was pretty good but 1. not the way to satisfy a burger craving and 2. pesto pasta is something I can get at the Aristocrat and Machu Picchu and it’s better at those places too. They added a portobello sandwich which does not excite me (everyone has those and I’m not big on giant mushrooms) and even the server said they were still tweaking the recipe. Frankly, I turned instantly cranky and depressed when I learned there would be no burger for me and I doubt I’ll go there again. :'(

And let’s have a work rant too. Lately our area has decided to implement complicated business processes to fix the ones that weren’t working… because they were complicated. How many forms do I need to fill out, folks? The attack-the-problem-with-a-study-team approach has successfully drawn attention to big problems but so far has just confused all the people using the new systems.

5 thoughts on “Restaurant rant

  1. I haven’t been to The Claddaugh in awhile. The chicken spinach melt is pretty ummy. Don’t they have some balls that everyone loves? I may be thinking of the Irish Lion in Bloomington.

  2. Well, I can’t eat noodles these days due to the wheat, so I won’t miss them for a while.

    As for the forms, it sounds like your area needs to stop studying problems and fix them! How about fewer forms? More simplicity? Nah, too easy…

  3. Sorry to hear about Nothing But Noodles. I concur that when there are few things on the menu that you can eat *and* then they are not there when you look for them, that results in a cranky vegetarian customer. Rob and a
    Anne will probably vouch for those sentiments as they have been with me when that occurs.

    If you want great pesto, Dana and I picked basil at JJs house and my Mom made *tons* of pesto, which is really awesome. We are currently storing it in the freezer in small aliquots which are great to feed probably 4 people for 2 days (editorial comment: My mom quite hasn’t grasped cooking for fewer people for a single meal, but I’m not complaining!). Rob and I should have you and David over for pesto pasta if you are game.

  4. That pesto sounds good!

    David told me I was rude to the server but really I was just disappointed and cranky in general. Most people have no concept that going out to eat is such a trial when you can’t eat 98-100% of the food. It’s depressing and annoying to pay for a restaurant meal that just scrapes by, and going out to eat is way less fun at most places.

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