Cheap soymilk

Don’t think I never do anything for you. Check out for a coupon worth $2.25 off a carton of Silk soymilk. Tips: have your printer working and ready, and be prepared to install a small program to use their coupon printer (i.e. you may not be able to do it at work). Once you put your email address in the system they won’t let you try printing again. On the plus side, you can fake an address and get another coupon, but the program is smart enough to not let you print more than two on your computer as far as I can tell. The ones I printed were good through December 18.

In other news, I finally saw a vehicle with a “Honk if you passed p-chem” bumper sticker today. I received my sticker in college from our p-chem professor and the underclasswomen (that’s a long word) who parodied us at the Senior Banquet used it as a visual aid while mocking me, and then it was lost forever. I take partial responsibility since I was so drunk there was no way I could keep track of my belongings. I was very proud of that sticker since I did not do very well in that ultra-challenging class!

I had a funny comment about work and insurance and cosmetic surgery but I’m going to pass since I never know who is reading. Just chuckle to yourselves.

8 thoughts on “Cheap soymilk

  1. Yes- we’ve known about each other for three years but never met. HEY. Saw you left a comment on Mymsie’s blog so I thought I would link into yours.

    Spoke with David last week about hooking up for din with Mymsie. I need to see if she is free. I was planning on Weds. but I have to see a lecture on the Anthropology of the fragmented body. I can hear you yawning across the city.

    It’s great that you rescue buns. That’s how I knew you were D’s girlfriend– when Mims was talking about your blog. Right now, I’m feeding 5 feral kittens, 4 feral cats…and I have my own three kitties.

    So I’ll let you and D know about din- and I have some more membercards for you for 2 for 1 dinners…


  2. Awesome on the cards! That has been great. I used it a lot more than my Entertainment Book this past year.

    I’m really looking forward to dinner!!

  3. Lean! Next time when you comment, can you leave my social security number in addition to my real name, so people will have a better chance at successfully stalking me or stealing my identity? Theeeenks! 😛

    P.S. Amy, can you edit comments? If so, would you doctor up Lean’s? Ta!

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