Do you have… sushi?

I’ll try to break the cycle of several depressing posts!

David’s birthday was Wednesday. We usually go out for sushi, but we were traveling to stay at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. They offered to take him out to dinner. Plan A was to see if they’d eat sushi (we tried to come up with plans through G since that didn’t seem very likely). Somehow we convinced them! I tried to look at a menu online to make sure something sounded good to the non-sushi-eaters (pretty much everyone else), but none of the local restaurants had them posted. We decided to go to the nearest one and check a menu first and if it didn’t look doable, we’d go eat something else.

Dad decided we should call the restaurant to ask about their other food. My comment: What, ask them “Do you have anything my mom will eat?” He persisted and I gave him the number to a restaurant that had sushi in the name and was found by Googling for sushi.

Dad on phone: Hi. Do you have… sushi?
(Several of us groan and/or bust out laughing)
Dad: Ok. Do you have other foods besides sushi? /blah blah something yessish/ Good, we have a mixed crowd.

Poor Dad… but we have to make fun of him. I still can’t believe we convinced my mom and brother to eat there too! I’m not sure how averse his wife is to sushi but I will say the three of them all had chicken teriyaki. 🙂 But they did all try miso and edamame and Andrea really seemed to like the latter. Matt had a piece of sushi and we teased him for not having more. But my dad ate lots of it, and kept ordering more! We tried to convince him that he shouldn’t eat it in bites or take it apart and have the fish separate from the rice, but in any case it was a delicious meal. Oh, and I accidentally ate fish. I ordered avocado rolls and such but completely couldn’t tell that I grabbed something that apparently had fish in it.

I pointed out to my mom that I was impressed they came with us to a sushi restaurant, and also that it was kind of satisfying to show someone what it’s like to go somewhere and be really worried there will be nothing you can eat!

Fortunately at Thanksgiving I had plenty. David’s sister and niece even made a veggie lasagna! I’m lucky to have such kind people looking out for me (and there would be plenty to eat just with the side dishes anyway!). We had a laugh when we all dug in to pumpkin pie and discovered someone had forgotten the sugar in the recipe.

Random Casper pic. She had a bath a week or two ago and is sporting a tousled look now.

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  1. I always wanted to taste sushi but I found it was too dificult to eat it with hashi. I got embarassed when i tried to eat with my friends…
    I found this video that teachs how to eat in a polite way.
    It helped me a lot 😀

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