Frugality in person

Today I met some of the Indy Gas Buddies for lunch. We all save money on fuel by posting prices around town on and therefore share the wealth of lots of eyes in lots of places. It’s nice to know we can put aside our differences (you should see some of the political discussions on the message board!) for a coffee break.

While there, I saw that Dan Quayle’s relatives wrote the specials of the day.
I erased the E after I took the picture.

Then I bought paint for the basement floor and got Silk soymilk for 25 cents a carton! Meijer has it on sale and my coupons were happily scanned at the self-checkout. I even found a light chocolate version! Note: WalMart won’t take those coupons, because they suck.

I hope everyone has a four-day weekend like me!

3 thoughts on “Frugality in person

  1. Silk for $.25?!? That’s such a great price! I’ve never tried the chocolate version. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Apparently, I hadn’t made it to yours yet! Candy corn socks? That’s too cool. Mmm… Candy corn.

    Happy Posting!

  2. First, shut up about the 4 day weekend. Some of us don’t even get Thanksgiving off! Second, I have a carton of Silk Light Choc. soy milk in my fridge too. It’s delicious but it cost me a heck of a lot more than 25 cents.

  3. Well maybe you should print my coupons and you can get it cheap, too! You should print them soon because Dad has plans to use your computer when he gets home to print them himself since each computer can only make two. He’s a maniac about those coupons and tried to steal mine!

    And I used vacation for the long weekend. My business is not THAT nice. But I do get Thanksgiving off this time.

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