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I have successfully converted to using cloth bags at the grocery store and I stopped disposing of my disposable plasticware at work after lunch–I wash it and reuse it. I know I could do so much more to lessen my impact on the planet, but it’s so easy to think changes are too inconvenient. (Good grief, I can’t believe I gave up meat before I started using cloth bags! Reusable bags are not hard at all!) I still have to keep reminding myself to change one little thing at a time so it’s not so daunting, but I need regular inspiration just for a little change here and there.

Thanks to alert commenter Mymsie on KNH’s post about her carpool, I found a great new blog: No Impact Guy lives in Manhattan and is trying to make no environmental impact by turning off his electricity, composting, riding a bike, going without a freezer, and all that. In NYC. Awesome!

I found his posts (and his commenters) inspiring. “I can do that!” At least a little of it.

Check out No Impact Man!

His posts on happiness not coming from material possessions are thoughts I need to hear more often. I totally agree that simplifying the clutter in my house, not buying something I don’t really want or need, and just kicking back and doing less make me more content than driving all over town doing errands and spending money on crap I just have to find a place to stash. I have improved in these areas lately, but there’s so much room to be simpler.

Oh, and you can email your congressperson to pass higher fuel efficiency standards, too! I did and it was really easy. Don’t let Detroit sucker us out of cars that use less fuel!

And completely unrelated to all this, I just found out there’s going to be a new X-Files movie!

2 thoughts on “Greener, cleaner daily stuff

  1. Yeah, I can manage not to buy more clutter because I can’t afford any. Otherwise I might be less virtuous. 🙂

    And a new X-Files movie? Awesome. Except… what’s it going to be about? I don’t remember how the series ended, exactly, but didn’t they kind of wrap everything up? Eh, I’m sure they’ve come up with something.

  2. I guess the movie continues from the first movie. I remember back when the series ended they were talking about another one so I think they left it open somewhat.

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