Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a bunny

Not much material today. I took another vacation day (darn I hate having to miss work) and didn’t get any appreciable work done at home, but ran errands and made chili in the crockpot and gave Vegas a haircut. So that’s the topic tonight. She’s grooming furiously now that she can find her delicate pink skin.

Of course Casper kept butting in. Despite the chop-licking, she just wanted to do her little love-nibble on the bunny and see what was going on. Casper is fantastic with the rabbits and likes playing with Vegas especially. She also likes the “snacks” they leave behind…


I wasn’t sure what I would blog about today, until I just walked into my bedroom and looked out the window. See that yellow thing on top of my car? KNH put that there. I’m guessing she did it last Thursday.
We both dislike those Support Our Troops magnets. So much so that we hide this one on each other’s vehicles hoping to embarrass the other by having other people think we LIKE the magnet and want to display it proudly. Enough time goes by between applications that we forget to look for it.

How shall I get my revenge?

Frugality in person

Today I met some of the Indy Gas Buddies for lunch. We all save money on fuel by posting prices around town on IndyGasPrices.com and therefore share the wealth of lots of eyes in lots of places. It’s nice to know we can put aside our differences (you should see some of the political discussions on the message board!) for a coffee break.

While there, I saw that Dan Quayle’s relatives wrote the specials of the day.
I erased the E after I took the picture.

Then I bought paint for the basement floor and got Silk soymilk for 25 cents a carton! Meijer has it on sale and my coupons were happily scanned at the self-checkout. I even found a light chocolate version! Note: WalMart won’t take those coupons, because they suck.

I hope everyone has a four-day weekend like me!

How’s it hanging?

What kind of a person puts testicles on his truck?
I guess maybe he’s into Neuticles too.

Nicole and Carlton and I had Mongolian BBQ last night at a fundraiser for the Indianapolis Rowing Club (didja know it’s cheaper when you only make veg stir fry?), and then when they dropped me off, they asked if I had any dead bugs. Being the consummate housekeeper I am, I was able to provide several pill bug carcasses from my kitchen floor (they sneak in whenever it rains), and we found two live spiders, too! Here’s Nicole catching one in a plastic bag.
Apparently they caught a praying mantis on their screened porch and are trying to keep it alive in the house now. (KNH, that’d make a good picture if you’re looking for November blog material.) BTW, that farmhouse-style kitchen table and chairs is for sale if anyone wants it.

And of course it’s Fridge Friday! Not much has changed from last week, though some soymilk cartons are gone.

I decided I’d share the outside which is more fun.
Featured items are a picture of Luke, my very first house rabbit, a magnet from KNH about not putting dirty things in my mouth, a comic with St. Peter, surrounded by haloed chickens, telling Colonel Sanders, “I don’t seem to be able to find your name on the list,” and of course my reminder board. On top of the fridge are essentials like a beaker mug with markers for the board, a Maglite and a fire extinguisher (PASS!), and an old balance I got from my first real lab job that hasn’t been calibrated since 1978.

On the bottom half is KNH’s baby shower invitation (I guess that could probably come down now!), some comics, a post from a message board from whence my bunny Vegas got her name, and the Cubs magnet holds a postcard that says Make Your Own Damn Dinner. Oh, and I never ever use that towel.

Greener, cleaner daily stuff

I have successfully converted to using cloth bags at the grocery store and I stopped disposing of my disposable plasticware at work after lunch–I wash it and reuse it. I know I could do so much more to lessen my impact on the planet, but it’s so easy to think changes are too inconvenient. (Good grief, I can’t believe I gave up meat before I started using cloth bags! Reusable bags are not hard at all!) I still have to keep reminding myself to change one little thing at a time so it’s not so daunting, but I need regular inspiration just for a little change here and there.

Thanks to alert commenter Mymsie on KNH’s post about her carpool, I found a great new blog: No Impact Guy lives in Manhattan and is trying to make no environmental impact by turning off his electricity, composting, riding a bike, going without a freezer, and all that. In NYC. Awesome!

I found his posts (and his commenters) inspiring. “I can do that!” At least a little of it.

Check out No Impact Man!

His posts on happiness not coming from material possessions are thoughts I need to hear more often. I totally agree that simplifying the clutter in my house, not buying something I don’t really want or need, and just kicking back and doing less make me more content than driving all over town doing errands and spending money on crap I just have to find a place to stash. I have improved in these areas lately, but there’s so much room to be simpler.

Oh, and you can email your congressperson to pass higher fuel efficiency standards, too! I did and it was really easy. Don’t let Detroit sucker us out of cars that use less fuel!

And completely unrelated to all this, I just found out there’s going to be a new X-Files movie!

They put !@#$% gravy on my potatoes

after I specifically said No Gravy. Bastards. And then their gravy leaked into my baked beans too. Hey cafeteria guy, if I ask to make sure the baked beans are vegetarian, why would I want your meaty gravy? And thanks for putting my roll right in the middle of the baked beans.

Some days I really like our cafeterias, and some days they seem to care so little I just wonder why I go. I get sick of PB&J at my desk, ya know, so I keep trying.

Meanwhile, David ran over his chop saw today. At least there was less damage than when his tile saw fell out of the truck while he was driving down the highway.

Baxter & Dexter

After closing Bella’s adoption, Baxter is the new bunny in foster care at that Petco. He and his brother Dexter were abandoned in their cage on the side of the road. People are scum. But the bunnies are still sweet!
baxter.jpg dex.jpg

Meanwhile, I’ve been sick and missed work yesterday, though I did make it to the polls. It’s a fun sinus thing with a bit of intestinal stuff thrown in for good measure. Is that flu?

While I was gone, someone wrote a comment on my cubicle whiteboard about fried rabbit.

And Casper is thrilled that the weather has turned colder so she can search for poopsicles in the yard. I can barely tear her away!

Oh, and I’ve joined Blogging from the Cubicle (not that I ever would) and Liberal Bloggers on NaBloPoMo. I avoided the group for people who like walruses (there are three members!).

Cheap soymilk

Don’t think I never do anything for you. Check out silkoffer.com for a coupon worth $2.25 off a carton of Silk soymilk. Tips: have your printer working and ready, and be prepared to install a small program to use their coupon printer (i.e. you may not be able to do it at work). Once you put your email address in the system they won’t let you try printing again. On the plus side, you can fake an address and get another coupon, but the program is smart enough to not let you print more than two on your computer as far as I can tell. The ones I printed were good through December 18.

In other news, I finally saw a vehicle with a “Honk if you passed p-chem” bumper sticker today. I received my sticker in college from our p-chem professor and the underclasswomen (that’s a long word) who parodied us at the Senior Banquet used it as a visual aid while mocking me, and then it was lost forever. I take partial responsibility since I was so drunk there was no way I could keep track of my belongings. I was very proud of that sticker since I did not do very well in that ultra-challenging class!

I had a funny comment about work and insurance and cosmetic surgery but I’m going to pass since I never know who is reading. Just chuckle to yourselves.

Peace, man

It’s been a busy, productive weekend. I ran all over town yesterday getting paint and supplies for more fixing-up-the-house. Dad came down to paint (hooray!) while I’ve been doing prep things like, oh, removing all the crap from the bunny room so we can make it a normal bedroom again. Meanwhile there are rabbits stashed in pens all over the place.

Saw this groovy van at Lowe’s yesterday (right before I got the best deal in town with $3.13 diesel).

Something ate the face out of David’s pumpkin, carved just a week ago.

And good old Dad is priming the bunny room right now. I removed the annoying bears-playing-sports border today (obviously I did not put that up) and hopefully it will stop looking like a nursery soon.

I’ve also mowed the lawn (wah! no rider!) and moved bricks and cinder blocks and scrubbed walls. Time to do some “homework” so work doesn’t stink too much tomorrow. Exciting post, huh? Thats NaBloPoMo for ya. Oh, and I joined a group of blogging Amys.