What to do in November

Why, get a tan, of course!
I took Casper on a walk to try to get Tanning Man’s picture again, but it’s just not as good as the last one. He waved at me so it’s not like I could stand there and shoot the picture from the front. This time one of his dogs was sunbathing too. But it is November and it’s 56 degrees. He was shirtless, in shorts, drinking a beer as usual.

Today was the last row of the season and I saw this hilarious poster some of the juniors made. A “mixed four” is two men and two women rowers and a cox.

Fridge Friday!

It’s Fridge Friday!

I actually have a special affection for my fridge. I love it. (But not enough to dust the top of it.) When I signed the papers to buy my house, the fridge came with it. But when I moved in, a different fridge was in its spot, a much smaller, uglier fridge! I contacted my realtor who agreed the paperwork indicated the original fridge should be there. Soon the grumbling former owner of the house showed up with this big pretty fridge in his truck and had to load it back in my house. We didn’t help him, either, that scum!

My fridge is huge and stores more than I need! Now I have fridge anxiety because I’m moving to David’s house where the fridge is something he got from a friend’s garage, broken, and he fixed it for $40 (which is impressive I have to admit), but it’s about half the size of mine. Mine won’t fit in the custom fridge space at his house. I’m so worried that I’ve been watching the ads to find a deal on a fridge that’s bigger than his that will still fit in his kitchen… where will I keep my soymilk and frozen veggie burgers? All those greens for the bunnies and piggies? All the hard cider and leftover curry and bulk ginger and fake meatloaf dinners? And lots of tofu?

Oh and I keep my fridge clean. I love my fridge! The people who buy my house better appreciate it.

Also I can’t stand when people misspell refrigerator. There’s no D!

Seven random things meme

Lovely lumpy Mymsie (you asked for it with that last post) tagged me for this meme. I feel honored, yet my introvert self won’t allow me to tag other people (I can’t even risk pissing off strangers online! Some people must think tagging is like getting credit card offers in the mail, and I know they drive me crazy!). I think I did one of these a while back but I’m not going to look. I wonder what items will duplicate.

  • I was born on Friday the 13th.
  • I once played Jesus* in a lip sync of “Hair.”
  • My friend Barb and I made a Charles Manson autopsy table with a huge inflatable Easter rabbit.
  • Tonight in the car, I was giving David directions.
    David: Should I turn here?
    Me: Yes, but you can also go straight and just take Raymond. (That’s a street by my house, you outta towners.)
    David, sarcastically since it’s out of the way and not a big road: Oh, I love taking Raymond.
    Me: Everybody loves Raymond!
  • A few years ago one of my guinea pigs died and I put him in the fridge and then the freezer until I could bury him. Then I kinda forgot. I think he was in there for four months. (I don’t bury my pets in the yard any more.)
  • In my first year of college, I was scared of some of the big dykes on our crew team.
  • I lost spelling bees by spelling I-N-V-I-T-I-O-N for invitation and S-P-I-C-K-E-T for spigot. I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted that!
  • *My hair like Jesus wore it
    Hallelujah I adore it
    Hallelujah Mary loved her son
    Why don’t my mother love me?

    P.S. Since both Maxine and Mymsie mentioned Elvira, I have to add that my brother and I used to play it all the time on the jukebox at Pizza Tyme, the pizza joint that sponsored my dad’s softball team. We were also really into the ooomboppa part. But Eye of the Tiger and Billie Jean were our favorites. It was so much fun to drink all the Mountain Dew we wanted and just tell ’em to “put it on my dad’s tab!” Their phone reminder stickers said Get on the line to Pizza Tyme! And I remember a big poster for Canei wine that said Canei? Yes you can.

    Found that old post on random things.

    National Blog Posting Month

    Or as everyone else calls it, NaBloPoMo, is everyone blogging every day in November. I think it’s really driven by everyone wanting to generate more traffic to their own blogs, but I do really enjoy reading what other people are up to (yes, even that boring, everyday stuff), and the groups feature means you can find other folks who have something in common with your own boring blog. The randomizer takes you to who-knows-who’s blog.

    Some of the groups are rather funny collections and others are more like support groups. I know I won’t have time to look at the networking-type pages but I do plan to look around on the other folks’ postings. I found these interesting: hippies in grey houses, Circle of Jens (there are already 63!), Ministry of Silly Blogs, Fat Bloggers, and of course a bunch on knitting since knitters seem to like to chat online as much as at coffee shops.

    I joined Fridge Friday, Tattooed Bloggers, All About Pets, Indiana Bloggers, Green Bloggers, Cranky Bloggers, Vegetarian Families, INTJs, and Foodies. Because I don’t apparently have enough to do already.

    Disappointment in Philly

    We were having a great time in Philly. Flights, though delayed, arrived with luggage, we rigged the boat without incident, the course was great during practice on Friday, even with some drizzle, and we headed back to the hotel to clean up.

    Outside our room’s window was a Philadelphia mural and we saw a girl using a hula hoop for a very long time on her rooftop (look by the greenery left of the pool fence).

    We really enjoyed Reading Terminal Market and had our picture taken by the pig. I had an awesome vegan Philly cheesesteak for lunch!

    We walked past Chinatown and saw the Liberty Bell (gotta love free National Parks!)
    skill7.jpg skill5.jpg

    Friday night we went to an open house at the Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club, where Nancy had learned to row in the late 1950s! She said at the time most of the girls were part of the club to be social and meet boy rowers, but she was one of the girls who just wanted to row! This is the club from the water and a view of the Philly skyline from their back deck over the Schuylkill.
    skill8.jpg skill9.jpg

    Then on the morning of the race, while we were at breakfast, we received a phone call that the regatta had been canceled. All the rain had caused debris to come down the river, and trees and other junk in the water break boats. We were obviously angry and disappointed after training for months and spending a lot of money and time to fly out to the regatta. What was more annoying is that the regatta was canceled for the same reason the previous year; I wasn’t the only person who thought they should have had a contingency with a barge upstream catching the debris to make the course safe. This is the biggest single day rowing regatta in the world and people travel long distances with equipment that isn’t exactly easy to transport, not to mention all the chartered buses for teams and the ridiculous hotel bills.

    So we went to Atlantic City!
    skill10.jpg skill11.jpg
    We’re not big gamblers. I lost ten bucks at slots and we headed to the boardwalk where we shopped a bit and I had a funnel cake (probably the best part of the day–I missed the fair this year). The rain finally stopped in time for us to have had a really nice race, but I guess we’re just listed in the program.

    On the way home we tried to think of other races for next year…