Pardon me while I put on my reality hat

In my email today:

I have a 5-year old female Dwarf rabbit. Is there a rabbit rescue group in Indiana? I am moving from a house to an apartment, and I can’t take her with me. She is such a sweetheart, and she deserves a good home. Can you help me?

I know that there are circumstances which may require rehoming a pet. But 95% of these notes really mean:

I have a 5-year old female Dwarf rabbit. I didn’t do any research when I bought it at the pet store and thought it would be dead by now. Also, it won’t let my daughter hold it, which I would have known had I bothered to learn anything about rabbits in the first place. It pees everywhere and humps our legs because I didn’t want to spend the money to have it altered, so it’s not a very good pet. And I’ve seen some blood lately and that’s probably also because I didn’t get her spayed so she has uterine cancer now. I really think someone else should take responsibility for me, even though I am an adult and ought to know that pets are not merchandise and need a commitment for life. It’s ok if my kids learn from me that pets are disposable when they’re inconvenient, because when they are adults they can always send their mistakes to a shelter too.

I will of course reply nicely and provide all the same information on rehoming a rabbit that I provide to the other people who send me these emails, with helpful tips like “don’t advertise free to good home because she’ll end up as snake food or dog bait.” But seriously, how hard is it to find an apartment that allows pets? Guess what: I also don’t believe the excuses about allergies, that divorce means the pets have to go, or that it’s reasonable to shirk responsibility because you got a puppy instead, the kids got tired of it, you are too busy now, or that she’d be happier with someone else. There aren’t a lot of people who want a five year old rabbit. If she’s lucky, she’ll find that person and bunny can live the next five years with them. Or she’ll face the needle at the Humane Society.

4 thoughts on “Pardon me while I put on my reality hat

  1. I find your real interpretation to be pretty much spot on. Plus…do people try to rehome their kids when they move? Or move to a 55-and-over community and then they have to get rid of the kids?

    Think, people, think!

    And I can speak from experience. I welcomed a new human into my house. Guess what? I didn’t ditch my dog, two cats, rabbit, or even my fish. Pets are a lifelong commitment. My kid comes first, yes, but that doesn’t mean my pets are second-rate.

    Oh, and I think “allergies” means “the cage stinks because I don’t clean it enough.”

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