I wasn’t sure what I would blog about today, until I just walked into my bedroom and looked out the window. See that yellow thing on top of my car? KNH put that there. I’m guessing she did it last Thursday.
We both dislike those Support Our Troops magnets. So much so that we hide this one on each other’s vehicles hoping to embarrass the other by having other people think we LIKE the magnet and want to display it proudly. Enough time goes by between applications that we forget to look for it.

How shall I get my revenge?

8 thoughts on “Sabotage

  1. I don’t know… top-of-the-car is going to be a hard one to beat. (Well, without the use of super glue, anyway… )

    The evil genius part of my brain hasn’t turned on yet today. I can’t think of a good revenge.

  2. Curse you and your second-story windows!

    I’d like to claim credit for the top-of-the car idea, but Amy did it to me and the magnet was there for weeks.

    My sister and I play a similar game, but it’s making each other’s yards look terrible. I purposely save beer bottles to throw in her yard.

    Don’t get any bright ideas, Amy…I’m onto you!

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