Seven random things meme

Lovely lumpy Mymsie (you asked for it with that last post) tagged me for this meme. I feel honored, yet my introvert self won’t allow me to tag other people (I can’t even risk pissing off strangers online! Some people must think tagging is like getting credit card offers in the mail, and I know they drive me crazy!). I think I did one of these a while back but I’m not going to look. I wonder what items will duplicate.

  • I was born on Friday the 13th.
  • I once played Jesus* in a lip sync of “Hair.”
  • My friend Barb and I made a Charles Manson autopsy table with a huge inflatable Easter rabbit.
  • Tonight in the car, I was giving David directions.
    David: Should I turn here?
    Me: Yes, but you can also go straight and just take Raymond. (That’s a street by my house, you outta towners.)
    David, sarcastically since it’s out of the way and not a big road: Oh, I love taking Raymond.
    Me: Everybody loves Raymond!
  • A few years ago one of my guinea pigs died and I put him in the fridge and then the freezer until I could bury him. Then I kinda forgot. I think he was in there for four months. (I don’t bury my pets in the yard any more.)
  • In my first year of college, I was scared of some of the big dykes on our crew team.
  • I lost spelling bees by spelling I-N-V-I-T-I-O-N for invitation and S-P-I-C-K-E-T for spigot. I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted that!
  • *My hair like Jesus wore it
    Hallelujah I adore it
    Hallelujah Mary loved her son
    Why don’t my mother love me?

    P.S. Since both Maxine and Mymsie mentioned Elvira, I have to add that my brother and I used to play it all the time on the jukebox at Pizza Tyme, the pizza joint that sponsored my dad’s softball team. We were also really into the ooomboppa part. But Eye of the Tiger and Billie Jean were our favorites. It was so much fun to drink all the Mountain Dew we wanted and just tell ’em to “put it on my dad’s tab!” Their phone reminder stickers said Get on the line to Pizza Tyme! And I remember a big poster for Canei wine that said Canei? Yes you can.

    Found that old post on random things.

    2 thoughts on “Seven random things meme

    1. I don’t think it’s legal to bury a pet in the yard (at least around here), but ppl do it anyway. I did once dig up an old pet at my parents’ house when burying a pet because there were so many guinea pigs buried there over the years! Fortunately he was wrapped in something.

      Lately I have had my vet dispose of the bodies. You can have them cremated or have other special handling where they don’t come back to you, or you can use the “body care” option which is cheapest. It’s kind of a mass grave/incineration thing. I have found I have less attachment to their physical bodies lately and prefer to just remember them so I usually do that. It’s kind of nice to be with them at euthanasia and then the tech takes them away.

      Don’t ask me what I’ll do when it’s Casper’s time! I don’t want to think about it.

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