Three hours later…

Just checked my email again. This guy is a professor.

I received two baby rabbits as a present in September of this year, they are now adult size. Unfortunately my wife and I cannot keep them any more because of house space. I have been asking around for a good home for them, but I have not found one yet. I do not want to send them to animal shelter or pet stores. Is there any way that you guys would help in order to find them a good and caring home? I live in Kokomo, IN and I would not mind driving them to Indy if necessary. I have a big cage and a large bag of food as well as some toys and cleaning stuff. I do not know if they are two boys or two girls or a boy or a girl, they are very happy together and bond extremely well.

I can’t wait for the girl to drop a litter.

2 thoughts on “Three hours later…

  1. And how small is a house that can’t fit two rabbits? Animals don’t take up much space (unless they are fish in a 1,000 gallon aquarium).

    Did the house shrink since September? I know bunnies grow, but I’m guessing they don’t weigh 500 pounds and block doorways.

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