Wrapping up


Well, I made it through NaBloPoMo, not only posting every day in November, but also making a couple of bonus posts in there too. If talking too much is diarrhea of the mouth, is blogging too much diarrhea of the fingers? Maybe my introverted self is begging to be secretly outgoing? Maybe I just like finding out how typing diarrhea repeatedly will affect Google searches finding my site?

Somewhere along the way I thought I’d write some more profound posts about peace and religion and immigration and my company’s industry and healthcare in the U.S. as related to insurance changes I’m experiencing, plus share deep thoughts on movies I saw this month like Sicko and The Corporation and Why We Fight. Yet I seem to fall into the same kinds of daily-life posts. That’s ok. I like to stew in my thoughts before I write about most things because I hate to not consider the big picture. I find it hard to have a strong opinion unless a great moral wrong is obviously being committed or I’ve studied the issue thoroughly. Besides, I can rant about W with my Dad and get that fix on the phone, and I get all excited just to post silly signs I see around town. The animal abuse and rescue posts are cathartic for me.

The best part of the NaBloHoShow community (other than the creative ways to make fun of that name when sick of the daily commitment) is that I found new blogs to read and now will always have links to more material out there in the wide world of people wasting time, ranting, journaling, saying hi to their grandmas, posting pictures of their baby’s diarrhea-splattered butts (I did not plan to write that again but I did see a picture of that on someone’s blog last week!), elfing themselves, whining, struggling with food, dissing husbands, channeling the culture of another part of the world to escape their own consumerist locale, pointing out grammar mistakes, blathering about Jesus until my eyes glaze over (happens by the second sentence for me), writing poetry (I often glaze on that too), sharing doggy pics, and of course pizza in the bushes. Ok, that one predated this month, but it’s a really funny story and a horrible waste of pizza and Tootsie Rolls.

One last Fridge Friday! Note there is still one serving of Tofurky in there plus half a loaf of bread that Nicole made me this week!

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