A dog of a different color

Poor Casper was napping on the floor next to the couch when I spilled my wine everywhere. She had it on her back too.

I joined the YMCA recently and they have TWO misspellings on their signs. Should I find a different gym?
ymca1.jpg ymca2.jpg

I had fourteen teeth installed today. I actually feel pretty good (nine injections, ya know) except that my jaw hurts from the 4.5 hours in the chair, having to hold my mouth open the whole time or clench tightly to seat the crowns and allow the cement to cure. My back doesn’t feel that great either after being in the chair that long. And that’s the most money I’ve spent in one day since I bought my car.

We saw the newish Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight. I hope I don’t have Johnny Depp-Willy Wonka teeth now!

While at the dental school, some of the departments had decorated:
iusd1.jpg iusd2.jpg iusd3.jpg

5 thoughts on “A dog of a different color

  1. I was looking through the paper this morning and I stumbled across the singles section. As I perused the desperate seekers I came across one I thought you would enjoy. I am transcribing this just as she wrote it:

    28 ys. old. I have with long legs and small waste. And can cookk. No. It’s true! I love movies and like food. Like going out but not the knight club scene. Tatoos are a plus but not a must.

    I think I love this woman. If I date her at least I know she won’t clog my toilet. Plus, when we’re out I don’t have to worry about getting into a joust with another beau.

  2. Ha ha, Casper is saying, “why are you so clumsy when you drink that red stuff?”

    And as for your gym- please please join the one by me and we can resume our treadmill/elliptical training! Well, maybe once a month. I can even try to speel gudder for you so you feel at home. 🙂

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